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KGO has over 65 years of experience in customized furnace solutions KGO GmbH has more than 65 years of experience providing customized furnace designs to the industry. KGO GmbH was formed in 1998, but traces its legacy back to its founding in 1948 as the Kaminski Appartebau.

In 2000 KGO acquired the intellectual property of Schott Hydraulic GmbH, which expanded their equipment offerings for various applications from mold furnaces to fully automated Gas Nitriding Furnaces and Vacuum Tempering Furnaces.

Today KGO offers a wide array of standard furnace sizes for the heat treatment industry.  The company takes great pride in their ability to customize the standard designs to meet unique requirements in chamber size, furnace operation or heating requirements.

Technical innovation, quality and service characterize the success that KGO has enjoyed. With many success stories on all continents, KGO strives to provide this support, technical advice and engineering services in support of new equipment installations as well as retrofitting and updating equipment produced by others.

All equipment offerings can be configured with advanced sensors for process (atmosphere) control. Data logging systems record, monitor and evaluate the relevant process data and can employ state of the art control systems for monitoring nitriding (Kn) and nitrocarburizing potential (Kc)

Constant attention to detail, technological advancements, quality and service are the keys to their success. KGO operates an Engineering and R & D Department, which constantly examines new control technologies, which advance the art of their design.

All models are compliant to AMS 2750E (Pyrometry) and have been certified for use to AMS 2759/6B (Gas Nitriding), 2759/10A (Two Stage Gas Nitriding) and 2759/12 (Ferritic Nitrocarburizing).

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Standard Size Furnaces Dimensions in Millimeters Weight capacity KG ( operating @ 600 C)

Depth Width Height
900 600 600 1200 Kg
1200 900 900 2500 Kg
1800 900 900 3000 Kg
1800 1200 1000 3500 Kg
2400 1600 1500 6000 Kg

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